Customs and Excise Department

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Mission to protect the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region against smuggling to protect and collect revenue on dutiable goods to detect and deter narcotics trafficking and abuse of narcotic drugs to protect intellectual property rights to protect consumer interests to protect and facilitate legitimate trade and industry and to uphold Hong Kong's trading integrity to fulfill international obligations

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Our File Reference: (766) in C&E CPB FCPN/60/26 Dear Sir, Thank you for your enquiry dated 17 June 2021. Under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance,...
Body cavity searches performed by C&ED
Response by Customs and Excise Department to Rachel Li on .

Partially successful.

Dear Ms Li, Thank you for the application for access to information submitted on 13 April 2021.   In the course of Customs and Excise Department (...
TIP assessment 2019 & 2020
Response by Customs and Excise Department to Charlie Yeung on .

Partially successful.

Dear Charlie, We refer to your application for access to information dated 14 January 2021 relating to the information of assessment of Trafficking...
Dear Mr Chan,         Thank you for your enquiry. 2.        According to the Weapons Ordinance (Chapter 217, Laws of Hong Kong) any person who has...
Response by Customs and Excise Department to 梁小姐 on .


致梁小姐: 海關是負責執行《商品說明條例》(《條例》)的主要機關。而通訊事務管理局(通 訊局)(通訊事務管理局辦公室(通訊辦)為其執行部門)同時獲賦予共同管轄 權,就《電訊條例》(第106章)及《廣播條例》(第562章)下的持牌人作出與根據 相關條例提供電訊服務或廣播服務有直接關連的營業行為,根據公...

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