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Freedom of Information request - Statistics in relation to judicial review cases 
Tue, 17 Apr 2018 10:26:25 +0000 
From:  saac Shaffer <[email protected]
FOI requests at Department of Justice <[email protected]
Dear Department of Justice,   

We would be grateful if you could please provide responses to the following queries.   
1. Can the Government please provide statistics on the following: 
The percentage (%) of applicant/ claimants    for judicial review cases which are represented at the following 
On submitting an initial (Form 86) application for Judicial Review -   
At/ before the permission hearing -   
After permission is granted but on/before their full Judicial Review hearing -   
2. Can the Government please confirm the percentage of applicants who remain unrepresented throughout 
their application for judicial review?   
Unrepresented Applicants:   
Year 2015: 
Year 2016: 
Year 2017:   
3. Can the Government please provide statistics on the following:   
The number of applications for judicial review submitted for which a decision on permission to proceed was 
given by the Court:   
No. of decisions given:   
Year 2015: 
Year 2016: 
Year 2017:   
4. Can the Government please provide statistics on the following:   
The number of decisions given in which permission to proceed was granted:   
Permission Granted: 
Year 2015: 
Year 2016: 
Year 2017:   
5. Can the Government please provide statistics on the following:   
The average period of time taken from the application being received to the decision on whether permission 
to proceed is granted or refused:   
Average period of time: 
Year 2015: 

Year 2016:   
Year 2017:   
Yours faithfully,   
Justice Centre Hong Kong 
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