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Terms and Conditions of Use   
1.  DATA.GOV.HK  is an online web interface provided by the Office of the Government Chief 
Information Officer of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the 
“Government”) to the public for obtaining certain public sector information. 
2. In these Terms and Conditions of Use of DATA.GOV.HK (“Terms of Use”), “Data” mean the 
data and all contents provided by the Government and other organisations to the public on 
DATA.GOV.HK. For the avoidance of doubt, “Data” include all data, digital maps, text, graphics, 
drawings, diagrams, photographs, compilation of data and other materials of DATA.GOV.HK
3. The Data are provided by the Government and other organisations to you on an “AS IS” basis. 
No statement, representation or warranty of any kind (whether express or implied) is given by the 
Government or the relevant organisations in relation to the Data (including the accuracy, 
completeness, non-infringement, reliability, security, timeliness and appropriateness of the Data 
for use in any particular circumstances). The Government or the relevant organisations shall not 
be liable for any errors, omissions, misstatements or misrepresentations (express or implied), 
concerning any Data, and shall not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility 
whatsoever for any loss, destruction or damage (including without limitation consequential loss, 
destruction or damage) howsoever arising from or in respect of any use or misuse of or reliance 
on the Data, or any inability to use the Data. 
4.  In consideration of the Government and other organisations providing the Data on 
DATA.GOV.HK, by using DATA.GOV.HK, you accept unconditionally the Terms of Use. IF 
YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE DATA.GOV.HK.  The Terms of Use may be revised 
and/or amended from time to time by the Government or the relevant organisations without prior 
notice to any person. Please check the Terms of Use regularly for any revisions and/or 
amendments which may be made. 
5. The Government shall not be liable for any loss, destruction or damage howsoever arising out 
of or in relation to any transmission from you to the Government or vice versa over the Internet. 
6. The Government shall not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in 
connection with the Data. The Government reserves the right to revise, omit, edit or suspend the 
provision of the Data at any time in its absolute discretion without giving any reason or prior 
notice to any person (including you). 

7. The Government does not undertake to provide any updated version of the Data and reserves 
the right to suspend the provision of the Data at any time. 
Use of Data on DATA.GOV.HK 
8. You are allowed to browse, download, distribute, reproduce, hyperlink to, and print in their 
original format the Data for both commercial and non-commercial purposes on a free-of-charge 
basis on condition that:- 
  you shall comply with the Terms of Use;    
  you shall identify clearly the source of the Data and acknowledge the Government 
ownership of the intellectual property rights in the Data and in all copies thereof including 
but not limited to paper copies, digital copies and copies placed on other websites; 
  you shall indemnify the Government against any allegations or claims of infringement of 
the rights of any person and all costs, losses, damages and liabilities incurred by the 
Government, which in any case arise directly or indirectly in relation to your use, 
reproduction and/or distribution of the Data; 
  You shall also give proper attribution to the Government and DATA.GOV.HK
9. In paragraph 8, "commercial purposes" includes without limitation the following: 
  an offer to supply goods, services, facilities, land or an interest in land; 
  an offer to provide a business opportunity or an investment opportunity; 
  an advertisement or promotion of goods, services, facilities, land or an interest in land; 
  an advertisement or promotion of a business opportunity or an investment opportunity; 
  an advertisement or promotion of a supplier, or a prospective supplier, of goods, services, 
facilities, land or an interest in land; and 
  an advertisement or promotion of a provider, or a prospective provider, of a business 
opportunity or an investment opportunity, 
in the course of or in the furtherance of any business. 
Linked Information and other Third-Party Websites  
10. DATA.GOV.HK may provide or assist in providing links to third-party websites through the 
“Linked Information webpage” or other parts of the web interface. The links are produced solely 
as a convenience to users of DATA.GOV.HK. Provision of, or assistance in providing, any links 
at DATA.GOV.HK to any third-party website does not give rise to any statement, representation 
or warranty, express or implied, that the Government agrees with, approves, recommends or 
endorses the contents of any such third-party websites. The provision of any links to third-party 
websites shall not constitute any form of co-operation or affiliation with the Government of any 
such third parties or external websites. The Government shall not have or accept any liability, 
obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, destruction or damage (including without 
limitation consequential loss, destruction or damage) howsoever arising from or in respect of your 

use or misuse of or reliance on, or inability to use such links to any third-party website or your 
use or reliance on the contents of any such third-party websites. You should refer to the terms and 
conditions of each such third-party website when using such website. 
Privacy Policy  
11. The Government may record visits to DATA.GOV.HK without collecting your personal data. 
Information relating to visits to DATA.GOV.HK  are collected by the Government for the 
compilation of statistical reports and the diagnosis of problems with or concerning computer 
Intellectual Property Rights  
12. Unless otherwise indicated, the Government is the owner of the intellectual property rights in 
all contents available on DATA.GOV.HK, including but not limited to all Data. 
Governing Law  
13. The Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong 
Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”). You also 
agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts.