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Re: Code on Access to Information  - Request for Review  
2015/10/17 下午 06:18
Rob Davidson <[email protected]>, 
"Eva Yam" <[email protected]>, Kathy KF MA/UGC/HKSARG@UGC
Dear Mr Davidson,
Thank you for your reply, which is clear. I quite understand  your position.
 From our own internal review procedure guidelines I should supply you with my decision by Saturday 
24 October - ten calendar days after receipt of the request for review  (or  explaining the reasons why 
that needs to be extended to a maximum  of 21 days in total),  I will endeavour to meet the first 
deadline in full.   I met with officers this morning but I will need to have more discussions/questions 
when I return late next week - Thursday/Friday so you may not actually hear from me fully until 
Saturday 24th itself.
Like you I will be reading my emails overseas, so feel free to contact me.
When we get past this stage there may still be merit in arranging a meeting for better communication 
but lets leave that for now
Best regards,
Dr Richard T Armour JP
Secretary-General, University Grants Committee, Hong Kong
e: [email protected] t: (852) 2524 1795 f: (852) 2523 1522
Rob Davidson 
Dear Richard, Thank you for offering to meet...
16/10/2015 11:51:35 PM
Rob Davidson <[email protected]>
[email protected]
16/10/2015 11:51 PM
Re: Code on Access to Information - Request for Review
Dear Richard,
Thank you for offering to meet with me to discuss this matter. I note that 
you will be away for some of the coming week on business. I too will be 
away on business and will not return until 4th November. As is so often the 
case, being away from the office for so long leads to a rather hectic 
schedule upon return and so it would be difficult for me to schedule 
anything sooner than 10th November. 
I feel that this sort of delay is perhaps unnecessary and that my rationale 
for requesting the review is fairly straightforward - first I felt that the 
time taken to produce the response to my original request was too long, 
especially given the minimal information provided; second, I felt that the 
UGC excuse for not providing more information was not likely to be valid. 
That latter concern may sound quite strongly worded but I simply mean that 
it seemed unlikely that discussions about updates to a Common Data 
Collection Format would be likely to cause the sort of situation referred 
to by clause 2.10(b) and 2.14(a) of the Code. I am therefore requesting 

clarification that no information can be provided regarding the incremental
updates to said data format due to the likelihood of this inhibiting 
frankness and candour in future business of the UGC (as per clause 2.10b) 
or that these discussions and their outputs were held under strictest 
confidence and all third parties are unwilling to have them aired (as per 
clause 2.14a). 
If further clarification is required, I will be responding to email whilst 
abroad so please do not hesitate to contact me.  
Yours faithfully,
-----Original Message-----
Dear Mr Davidson,  
 Let me introduce myself,  I am Richard Armour from the UGC. I will be
 conducting the internal review of the Secretariat's decisions and handling
 of your request under the Code on Access to Information. It would help me
 very much if we could arrange a time for us to meet, preferably at our
 office in Wanchai so that I can hear more about your concerns before I
 come to a view.
 In terms of timing I have to travel overseas on business for three days
 next week but I am back in the office from Thursday 22nd Oct.  I would be
 very grateful if we could meet before the end of next week.
 If you would call my office at the number below or reply to this email we
 can try to make arrangements.
 With best regards,
 Dr Richard T Armour JP
 Secretary-General, University Grants Committee, Hong Kong
 e: [email address] t: (852) 2524 1795 f: (852) 2523 1522
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