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Subject: Fw: Freedom of Information request - Subsidy Scheme for Employment Agencies
Emily CL LAW/LABOUR/HKSARG - Friday 12/06/2020 10:01 AM
Charlie Yeung <[email protected]>
FOI requests at Labour Department <[email protected]>
11/06/2020 22:47
Freedom of Information request - Subsidy Scheme for Employment Agencies
Dear Labour Department,
I write to seek the following information regarding the Subsidy Scheme for 
Employment Agencies (“Scheme”):-
1.  What proportion of the Anti-epidemic Fund is allocated to this Scheme?
2. In developing this Scheme, did the Anti-epidemic Fund Steering Committee 
engage in consultations with: (1) the Labour Department or other government 
bureaux; and (2) the public. If so, what were the contents and results of 
those consultations (i.e. please provide meeting minutes)?
3.  If the same director governs multiple employment agencies, is every 
employment agency under that directorship eligible for a subsidy?
4. What are the vetting requirements under the Scheme application? What 
documentary proof is required?
5. When will employment agencies receive the subsidies? In what form? Are 
there conditions attached to the subsidies?
6.  Employment agencies that ‘have submitted an application for licence 
renewal’ are eligible to apply for the subsidy. If the licence is not 
granted ultimately, will the subsidy be revoked? How is this implemented?
Yours faithfully,
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