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Scott Edmunds <[email protected]>
FOI requests at Immigration Department <[email protected]>
03/02/2021 16:07
Re: Information regarding the training, understanding of and use of Istanbul Protocol
Dear Immigration Department,
I'm sorry if you haven't received my reply but it seems it may not have 
reached you successfully. I'm just trying to send this again to state that 
I consent to you transferring this query to the other government 
departments. Please let me know if you don't receive this.
Yours faithfully,
Scott Edmunds
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Our ref. : IL/00731396/20, L/M (51) in ImmD RALS1/6-20/3/C
 Dear Mr Edmunds,
 We refer to our reply dated 11 January 2021, your consent is still
 I should be grateful for your consent so that we can transfer your request
 to other departments / organisations for handling.  Should we cannot hear
 from you by 3 February 2021, we will assume that you will not pursue your
 request and we will take no action.
 Best Regards,
 for Director of Immigration

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 From Name : IMMD Department
 From Address : [email address]
 To : [FOI #528 email]
 CC :
 Subject : Re: Information regarding the training, understanding of and use  
of Istanbul Protocol
 Send Time : 11/01/2021 17:03:30
 Body :
 Our ref.: L/M (51) in ImmD RALS1/6-20/3/C
 Dear Mr Edmunds,
 We refer to your application for access to information of 22 December 2020  
on training-related matters for medical and law enforcement professionals  
in Hong Kong.
 As information requested is confirmed not in the possession of the  
Immigration Department but may be held by other departments /  
organisations, namely the Hong Kong Police Force, Department of Health and  
Hospital Authority, your consent is hereby sought for transferring your  
request to their handling. 
 Best Regards,
 for Director of Immigration
 To learn more about the application requirements and procedures of the  
most frequently used services provided by the Hong Kong Immigration  
Department, you are welcome to visit the Easy Access Playlist at Hong Kong  
Immigration Department [1]YouTube Channel. The concerned video clips have  
Cantonese voice-over supplemented by Chinese or English subtitles.

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