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21 November 2023 
Ken Lee 
(Email address: [email protected]
Dear Ken, 
Request for Logo Guidelines and Branding Manual of   
the Electoral Affairs Commission 
I refer to your email of 2 November 2023 to the Registration and 
Electoral Office (“REO”) requesting a copy of the logo guidelines, branding 
manual or equivalent document of the Electoral Affairs Commission (“EAC”). 
The REO has referred your request to the EAC for follow-up and our reply is set 
out below.   
The logo of the EAC was designed by the Information Services 
Department.    It is in triangular shape which is composed of three capital letters, 
“E”, “A” and “C”, i.e. the abbreviation of the EAC.    The equilateral triangle 
symbolizes that the EAC is an independent, impartial and apolitical body 
established under the EAC Ordinance (Cap. 541) with the main objective of 
ensuring that the public elections in Hong Kong are conducted in an “open”, 
“honest” and “fair” manner.    The logo was registered a trade mark to the 
Intellectual Property Department in 2023.     
However, we do not have a logo guideline or branding manual for 
the EAC.   
Thank you for your interest in the matter. 
(Ms Mavis WU) 
for Secretary, Electoral Affairs Commission 
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