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With strict adherence to integrity and objectivity, C&SD is committed to providing high-quality statistical services meeting international and domestic requirements. Apart from compiling and disseminating relevant, timely and reliable official statistics in accordance with international standards and statistical principles, the Department also strives to promote statistical literacy and the development of statistical work. Our mission is to contribute to the furthering of the social and economic developments of our society by facilitating informed research, discussion, planning and decision making in the Government and in the wider community.

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Dear Mr Yip,         I refer to your enquiry about the figures for the charts shown in the "Hong Kong Economic Trends" webpage ([1]http://www.hkeco...
Dear Mr Yip, Thank you for your email of 22 May 2016 below. According to our records, we have not received any enquiry in relation to "Forecast or...
Requests of Blank or Specimen Questionnaires
Request to Census and Statistics Department by Gordon Yip. Annotated by Gordon Yip on .

Withdrawn by the requester.

The questionnaires from C&SD
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Dear Mr Yip,         I refer to your enquiry about a list of articles published in the Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, made under the Code o...
Dear Mr Yip,         I refer to your enquiry about industrial classification for business activities relating to various services and clarifications...
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GIS Data Request
Response by Census and Statistics Department to Justin on .

Information not held.

Dear Justin, I refer to your request for gis data made under the Code on Access to Information on 22 March 2016 (see attached).   Our reply is pro...

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