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Dear Mr Yip, Thank you for your email dated 3.3.2017. Please be informed that we do not have the excel file on the number of authorized population eac...
Demographic Information of Shui Chuen O Estate
Response by Housing Department to Winnie Wong on .
Partially successful.
Dear Miss Wong, Thank you for your email dated 21.9.2016. We regret to inform you that we do not have the statistics on single-parent family and ethn...
The ZIP file insides are the set of the documents by year. If you cannot open it, you need to rename every file as , e.g. abc.pdf
Test Results of Drinking Water Samples 食水化驗結果
Internal review request sent to Housing Department by stranbusel on .
Unusual response.
Please respond to my Request for Access to Information ASAP. 致房屋署: 請盡快回覆我的索取資料要求。 Yours faithfully, stranbusel http://accessinfo.hk/en/requ...

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