Land Registry

A public authority

The Land Registry aims to maintain an efficient and effective land registration system to facilitate the orderly conduct of land transactions. The Registry's main duties are registration of documents affecting land under the Land Registration Ordinance, provision of facilities for search and supply of copies of the Land Register and related records, and registration of owners' corporations under the Building Management Ordinance.

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Dear Mr/Ms SIN, I refer to your email of 25 November 2022. Under the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128), the Land Registry is a public office...
Data access charges for land registry data
Response by Land Registry to Scott Edmunds on .


Dear Mr EDMUNDS, I refer to your email of 26 Jul 2018 on the subject. The Land Registry is a public office responsible for registration of instrument...
Haunted house transaction records
Response by Land Registry to Jasmine ZHOU on .

Information not held.

Dear Ms ZHOU,   I refer to your application for access to information of 5 Oct 2017 concerning the transaction records of haunted houses.   Un...

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