Lands Department

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The Lands Department is responsible for all land matters in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It comprises three functional offices. The Lands Administration Office takes charge of land disposal and acquisition, valuation of land and properties for various purposes, lease enforcement, land and squatter control, urban renewal and maintenance of man-made slopes on unallocated and unleased government land. The Survey and Mapping Office is the official land survey and mapping agency for Hong Kong. It sets up and maintains the geodetic survey control network, carries out land boundary surveys and aerial surveys, and produces maps in both paper and digital forms. The Legal Advisory and Conveyancing Office provides in-house legal advisory service, administers the Lands Department Consent Scheme by giving consent to sale of units in uncompleted developments and approves Deeds of Mutual Covenant.

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Shapefile for 2015 District Council Constituency Areas
Request to Lands Department by Alex Man. Annotated by Steven Chen on .


Hi, Is the attached shape file public for anyone? We want to use your boundary data in our app. Our use case is: When our users send an reques...
Shapefile for 2016 Hong Kong Urban Area
Response by Lands Department to Ken So on .

Awaiting classification.

Our File Reference:        (     ) in LD-SMO-LIC/6-5/1 Dear Mr. SO,         Thank you for your application dated 29 September 2016 seeking access...
Shapefile Request for Ramsar Site
Follow up sent to Lands Department by Helen Fong on .


Thank you very much for your help. Yours faithfully, Helen Fong
Shapefile for 18 districts
Response by Lands Department to Vivian Chan on .

Information not held.

Our File Reference:        (     ) in LD-SMO-LIC/6-5/1 Dear Ms. Vivian CHAN, My emails dated 9 May and 25 May 2016 refer.  As we do not hear from y...
Shapefile Data Request for Hong Kong
Response by Lands Department to Justin on .

Awaiting classification.

Our File Reference:        (16) in LD-SMO-LIC/6-5/1 Dear Mr. Meyers, My preceding email of 25.4.2016 refers.  As we do not hear from you since our...
地政總署測繪處 LANDS DEPARTMENT SURVEY AND MAPPING OFFICE Dear Mr Edmunds Regards Joanna Leung for Senior Cartographer/HQ Survey & Mapping Office, Lan...

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