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The Marine Department, headed by the Director of Marine, is responsible for all navigational matters in Hong Kong and the safety standards of all classes and types of vessels. Our stated mission is "We are One in Promoting Excellence in Marine Services". The functions we perform are, briefly, to facilitate the safe and expeditious movement of ships, cargoes and passengers within Hong Kong waters; ensure compliance with international and local safety and marine environmental protection standards in respect of ships registered and licensed in Hong Kong and using Hong Kong waters; administer the Hong Kong Shipping Register and develop policies, standards and legislation in line with international conventions; ensure compliance with international and local requirements on the competency of seafarers for ships registered and licensed in Hong Kong and using its waters, and to regulate the registration and employment of Hong Kong seafarers; co-ordinate maritime search and rescue operations within Hong Kong international area of responsibility and ensure compliance with international convention; combat oil pollution in Hong Kong waters, collect vessel-generated refuse and scavenge floating refuse in specified areas of Hong Kong waters; and provide and maintain in the most cost-effective manner the number of government vessels that departments need to conduct their business.

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Enquiry regarding private moorings coordinates in Hong Kong
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Dear Ms Pang, Thank you for your application under the Code on Access to Information via e-mail which was received by this Department on 19.11.2018...

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