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Our ref.: PLD ISLS/6-20/6 Dear Mr. CHAN, Internal Review of Freedom of Information Request – Shapefile of Hong Kong Land Use Distribution 2018  ...
Dear Ms Jessie Pang, I refer to your previous email to our department dated 20.12.2018 requesting "the information about the renovation plan of the...
Land Use Distribution Shapefiles or Raster Data
Response by Planning Department to Brett Morgan on .


Mr. Brett Morgan, Further to my earlier e-mail  of 29.10.2018, please note that the dataset is ready now.  The dataset is not the final product of t...
Shapefile for Digital boundary data of TPU/SB
Response by Planning Department to Crystal Lam on .


Dear Crystal, Here is the notification that the digital 2016 TPU boundary data is released today. Please refer to PlanD website in the following l...
GIS Shape File for Tertiary Planning Units
Response by Planning Department to Italo on .


Dear Italo, I refer to your email of 6.11.2017. You can go to the following website to download the digital planning data order form to apply for...
Shapefile for Tertiary Planning Units of Hong Kong
Response by Planning Department to Brian Leung on .

Partially successful.

Dear Brian, I refer to your email dated 31 August 2018. Currently, there are 5 sets of other planning data have been uploaded to, whic...

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