Air Quality Reports for Dioxin

Scott Edmunds made this Freedom of Information request to Environmental Protection Department

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The request was successful.

Dear Environmental Protection Department,

Can I ask for some information on the Dioxin reports you publish:

Where the reports state they were collected in Central/Western and Tsuen Wan, are these samples collected in the sample place each time, and can you say where the collecting stations are? Are these the only two places samples are taken for Dioxin and have there been any other collection points (mobile or otherwise) around Hong Kong?

Are you also collecting any data for cyanide or other toxic gasses around Hong Kong?

Yours faithfully,

Scott Edmunds

Environmental Protection Department

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Environmental Protection Department

Environmental Protection Department

Dear Sir/Madam

We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 29.11.2019.  Your case is being
processed.  If necessary, we will contact you again.

Customer Service Centre
Environmental Protection Department

Environmental Protection Department

Dear Scott Edmunds,

I refer to your email earlier to this department, we would like to respond
as follows:
Environmental Protection Department (EPD) regularly monitors ambient
dioxins at Tsuen Wan (Princess Alexandra Community Centre) and
Central/Western (Sai Ying Pun Community Complex), alongside the Tsuen Wan
and Central/Western General Air Quality Monitoring Stations respectively.
The latest data on "Dioxins in Air" can be found on EPD webpage:
October 2019 is the most up-to-date data on our webpage. The sampling and
analysis for November are being arranged and we will post the data on the
webpage once it is available.

You can also find the "Summary of Ambient Air Monitoring (Dioxins)" for
the samples collected at Tsing Yi for the monitoring of emissions from the
Chemical Waste Treatment Centre (CWTC) on EPD webpage:

We have not collected any samples / data for cyanide around Hong Kong.
Environmental Protection Department
Customer Service Center
10 December 2019


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