COVID Hospitalizations and Deaths By Age and Vaccination Status

Gregory De Eb made this Freedom of Information request to Hospital Authority

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Hospital Authority,

It would be appreciated if you would provide the month-by-month (January to August 2022) actual patient numbers by age and vaccination status for the following:

Hospital admissions with Covid 19
ICU admissions with Covid 19
Deaths with Covid 19

Yours faithfully,

Gregory De Eb

Enquiry (Hospital Authority), Hospital Authority

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Enquiry (Hospital Authority), Hospital Authority

Dear Mr De Eb,


Thank you for your Application to Access to Information dated 19 August
2022. Please find below the Hospital Authority (HA) Head Office’s response
to the items you requested:


The HA does not have readily available statistics on the items requested.
According to paragraph 1.14 of the Code on Access to Information, the Code
does not oblige departments to create a record which does not exist. You
may wish to note that relevant information can be found on the
Government’s COVID-19 Thematic Website accessible via:




If you have any questions about this reply, please do not hesitate to
contact me.



Yours sincerely,

Katie Chan(Miss)

for Access to Information Officer

Hospital Authority Head Office

(Tel.: 2300 6027/2300 6555)


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