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data of eHealth app in health management

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Dear Food and Health Bureau

This is a student study group from Baptist University taking a General Education course for undergraduates in which students investigate various government policies and projects. Our team is doing the project related to the health management function in e-Health application.

We found that the app 醫健通 cannot import users’ physical data(blood pressure/ blood glucose/blood lipid) automatically. For this purpose, e-Health may need more data like blood pressure and glucose records.
1.Have these records been shared in e-Health? If not, is it technically feasible to share the records in e-Health?
2. If the records are part of the eHealth, are they accessible to patients through the e-Health app and the health management module?
3.What plans does the eHealth development team have to share the records through eHealth with doctors and the app with patients?
The current version of health management may give a diagram to users according to their blood pressure and blood glucose.
1.How the reports based on blood pressure and blood glucose are generated? Please provide info about the algorithm and some report samples
2.How can the reports inform the patients on health management?
3.Is this health management module mainly for diabetes patients or patients of other conditions?
4.Will the reports be saved in eHealth and shared with the doctors?
5.Will the system be able to detect the cases that require the intervention of doctors and alert the patients accordingly?
We’d like to explore how the app could import records automatically from third-party health apps and health devices.
1.Does the app allow automatic import of health records from third-party app such as Huawei sports health which is the third application for personalized care?
2.Does the eHealth team plan to develop such features in the near future? If so please provide more information.
3.Does the app allow automatic import of health records from monitoring devices For example, Apple care can get users’ health status through Apple watch?

It seems that info available on the page is for the patients with general health conditions without personalization based on the specific conditions (e.g. info for type 2 diabetes patients).
1. Does the FHB plan to offer more personalized health info in the near future?
2.Does the FHB plan to develop a health information module within the app?

Thanks in advance for your assistance
Your sincerely
undergraduate student
Liang Doris
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

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Enquiry (Hospital Authority), Hospital Authority

Dear Miss Liang,


Thank you for your email.


For contact details about the Food and Health Bureau, you can access via:




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Yours sincerely,

Katie Chan

General Enquiry Team

Hospital Authority Head Office


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Liang Doris please sign in and let everyone know.