Gambling Crime Statistics

Kyle Tse made this Freedom of Information request to Hong Kong Police Force Crime Wing

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Hong Kong Police Force Crime Wing,

Can you please provide updated statistics for each of the months of 2021 and the first two months of 2022 (if available) of:

A) the number of people arrested for illegal gambling offences under the Gambling Ordinance (Cap. 148);

B) the number of police raids on illegal gambling establishments;

C) the total amount of betting slips and cash seized.

Thank you!

Yours faithfully,
Kyle Tse

Hong Kong Police Force Crime Wing

Dear Kyle,

        Your request dated 2022-03-10 refers.  Please find the requested
information below for your perusal.  The Police do not maintain other
requested figures.

Number of persons arrested, and total amount of cash and betting slips
seized for "Illegal Gambling"

Total amount of cash and betting slips
Year Month Persons Arrested seized*
($ million)
Jan 387 7.8
Feb 306 0.2
Mar 490 2.6
Apr 608 181.8
May 365 5.0
Jun 522 3 475.5
2021 Jul 391 278.3
Aug 559 13.4
Sep 511 3.8
Oct 696 5.1
Nov 376 0.8
Dec 520 4.1
Annual 5 731 3 978.2
2022 Jan 542 2.8

*Note: There is a discrepancy between the sum of monthly amount and the
total as shown in the table due to rounding.

2.        For enquiry, please contact me at 2860 8156.

Ms Shirley HO
Crime Wing Access to Information Officer
for Commissioner of Police

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