Information on Open Meetings of the Council for Sustainable Development

Scott Edmunds made this Freedom of Information request to Environment Bureau

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The request was successful.

Dear Environment Bureau,

Can I ask if the Council for Sustainable Development is counted as part of the Environment Bureau, and therefore contactable under their Access to Information commitments and officer?

If so I would like to ask about the Open Meetings of the Council for Sustainable Development. None of these are listed on your website after June 2012, and I would like to know how many Council meetings have carried on since then? And if you collect it do you have attendence data on how many people have registered to attend these?

Yours faithfully,

Scott Edmunds

Environment Bureau

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Environmental Protection Department

Environment Bureau

Dear Mr Edmunds,
Thank you for your email dated 09.02.2019. Further to the auto-reply, we
would like to inform you that we are processing your request and may need
a few more days to come back to you.

Jason Lai
Environmental Protection Department

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Environment Bureau

Dear Mr Edmunds,

Thank you for your email of 9.2.2019.

The meetings of the Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) may be
opened up on a selective basis with a view to enhancing the transparency
of the Council.  The SDC may open a meeting or part of a meeting if the
discussion item is not time-sensitive i.e. pre-mature disclosure of which
to the public may result in prejudice to any party or the Government; and
opening up would not hinder unfettered discussion of any agenda items.

Since the SDC decided to open up its meetings in 2009, three meetings held
on 30.10.2009, 25.10.2010 and 7.6.2012 were considered appropriate to be
opened up.  Interested persons registered with the Secretariat to reserve
a seat and walk-in observers were welcome if seats were still available.  

We will continue to open up the meetings and invite the public to observe
should the discussion items are deemed appropriate.  In addition,
following our past practice, agendas, papers and digests of the notes
meetings are uploaded onto the SDC’s website.  Please visit our website
([1] for updated
information about the SDC.

Joanne KAM
Secretariat, Council for Sustainable Development
Tel 3150 8194

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