List of Black Spots of Shop Front Extensions

Currently waiting for a response from Home Affairs Department Headquarters, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Home Affairs Department Headquarters,

The problem of perennial occupation of pedestrian passageways by goods and illegal hawking in public places by shop operators around the Shui Wo Street Municipal Services Building (瑞和街市政大廈) has not been properly tackled for a long time. For example, shop operators and hawkers always block the lanes between buildings leading to Shui Wo Street and leave their goods/wastes on roads. The District Environmental Hygiene Superintendent, Mr Leung Yat King (梁溢景先生) is responsible for combating street obstruction in Kwun Tong, works at Shui Wo Street Municipal Services Building, sees the problem everyday but turns a blind eye and colludes with his colleagues in return for an easy life in his office.

The Home Affairs Department has published a list of black spots of shop front extensions. This lists contains black spots in 16 districts out of 18 but NONE in Kwun Tong.

I would like to know:
(1) when was this list first published?
(2) what are the dates that this list was updated?
(3) what are the criteria for compiling this list?
(4) why Shui Wo Street Municipal Services Building was not included in this list when it was compiled?

Lastly, I would like to urge you to consider including Shui Wo Street Municipal Services Building in this list.

Yours faithfully,