List of Buildings and Relevant Information

Currently waiting for a response from Home Affairs Department Headquarters, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Home Affairs Department Headquarters,

I am writing to request a list of buildings in Hong Kong and its relevant information (number of storeys, basements and units).
I am aware that a similar database exists at, but I was unable to download the entire database.

May I ask if it is possible to provide the information in a CSV format, with the following columns whenever possible?
1. Building ID (1108244086 - Hong Kong Pacific Centre, 亞太中心)
2. Number of Storeys (in this case, 18)
3. Number of Basements (in this case, 0)
4. Number of Units (in this case, 254)

If including the Building ID is not possible, it can be replaced by the name of the building, or its address.
Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,
A. Cheung

Home Affairs Department Headquarters

Dear Mr. / Ms. CHEUNG,

        Thank for your email of 30.4.2021 regarding the request for the
information contained in “Database of Private Buildings in Hong Kong”.
 Please be informed that we are looking into the matter and will give you
a reply when available.

(Carmen CHAN)
for Director of Home Affairs

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