No. of Outstanding USM Claims

Currently waiting for a response from Security Bureau, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Security Bureau,

I would like to request information regarding the number of individuals who have made non-refoulement claims 'NRC's) in Hong Kong as within the Unified Screening Mechanism ('USM'), and are at each relevant procedural stages within the process; as follows:-

1. The no. of individuals who have made valid NRC's but have not yet had a screening interview with the immigration department;

2. The number of those Claimants who have received a USM screening interview with the Immigration Department but have not yet received a decision on their claim/s from the Immigration Department;

3. The number of those who have received a negative USM decision from the Immigration Department and have an appeal as before the Torture Claims Appeal/Non-refoulement Claims Petition Office ('TCAB/NRCPO'), but, who have not yet received an Appeal Board decision;

4. The no. of individuals who have received a negative appeal decision from the TCAB/NRCPO (i.e. a decision refusing their claim/s) and have consequently lodged applications for Judicial Review, but, where such applications are still ongoing; (i.e. where they have not been finally determined and any consequent appeal rights exhausted);

5. The number of individuals who remain in Hong Kong but who have had their NRC refused/dismissed, and have consequently either:

(a) Failed to validly appeal their refusal as before the TCAB/NRCPO (following the refusal of their claims by the Immigration Department);

(b) Failed to lodge an application for Judicial Review (following the refusal of their appeals before the TCAB/NRCPO);

(c) Have had their applications for Judicial Review refused and presently have no further right to appeal (i.e. as before the Court of Appeal or Court of Final Appeal).

6. The no. of individuals who have submitted a "subsequent claim" for non-refoulement protection, and where such applications have:

(a). Not yet been determined by the Immigration Department;
(b). Have been refused by the Immigration Dept. and are now on appeal before the TCAB/NRCPO.

Yours faithfully,

Isaac Shaffer