Noise barriers for Pak Shek Kok Promenade against Tolo Highway

Simon Wang made this Freedom of Information request to Leisure and Cultural Services Department

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Leisure and Cultural Services Department,

I am writing to explore the possibility of installing noise barriers for visitors of Pak Shek Kok Promenade. I've made a related request of information to Environmental Protection Department please contact the EPD staff if needed. Here are my questions for the department to answer under the Code on Access to Information.

1. To what extent is the Pak Shek Kok Promenade affected by the noise from Tolo Highway? Please let me know the length and percentage of the promenade that is near the highway.

2. Has the department reviewed or considered the possibility of installing noise barriers to protect the visitors of Pak Shek Kok Promenade? If so please provide details of the review outcome; if not, please explain why.

I'd also take the opportunity to urge the department to look into the needs to install noise barriers in the relevant premise. Thanks in advance for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Wang

Austin MK TUNG, Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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Dear Mr Wang,
Code on Access to Information
Re : Application No. 53/2021
I refer to your application dated 5 May 2021 seeking access to information
in relation to Pak Shek Kok Promenade.  Please note our reply as follows -

 (Mr Austin Tung)
for Director of Leisure and Cultural Services

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