Number of ice cream hawking licenses in Hong Kong

CHAN Yeuk Hang Erin made this Freedom of Information request to Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

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CHAN Yeuk Hang Erin

Dear Food and Environmental Hygiene Department,

I am Erin Chan from Affinity Magazine ( and The Young Reporter (, a school magazine of Hong Kong Baptist University.

I would like to request data on the exact number of ice cream hawkers in Hong Kong up till today. According to different media sites, there are now 64 ice cream hawkers in Hong Kong. However, this figure is intriguing. In 2008, the number of pre-existing ice cream hawking licenses was 27. In 2009, 61 new licenses were reissued. From 2009 onwards, 18 licenses had been withdrawn by the Food and Environmental Department. In other words, there should be 70 ice cream hawkers remaining . If the number of ice cream hawkers is indeed 64, does that mean seven of the license-holders just keep their licenses without doing ice cream hawking?

I can be contacted at [phone number] and [email address]. Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

CHAN Yeuk Hang Erin