Questions for the Retired Athletes Transformation Programme (Part II)

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This request is made as the continuation of the first part regarding the support for Hong Kong athletes.

Q4: [Job allocation]
4a what plans does the Commission have to provide moreIs there any plan to expand the sport industry in order to increase the job opportunities for retired athletes? Does the Commission have any plans to expand or provide more job opportunities for retired athletes, both vacancy and career choices?
Given that the jobs offered by RATP are mostly administrative and promotional in nature; both the choice of school promotional coordinator and programme officers. Would the RATP programme be too limiting in terms of career choices for the retired athletes?

Q5: [Overall impact] To what extent has this programme mitigated athletes’ concerns about their career development and supported Athletes career path after retirement? In what ways has the Commisstion evaluated the impact and collected evidence about the impact?

Q6 Regarding additional support towards athletes, are there any plans to support part time athletes? Since applicants of RATP are required to have at least 2 years of full time training as a prerequisite of applying to the RATP programme, are there any other programmes or systems that could also support part time athletes?

Yours faithfully,
Arthur, Bosco Christy, Natalie, and Simon

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