Record of flooding reports during rainstorm on 8th Oct 2023 and 9th Oct 2023

Jack Lo made this Freedom of Information request to Drainage Services Department

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The request was successful.

Dear Drainage Services Department,

I am a researcher at the University of Science and Technology and I am working on flood modeling. I noticed that flooding was severe during the 8th Oct 2023 rainstorm. I would like to make a request for the record of those flooding reports in Hong Kong on 8th Oct 2023 rainstorm, including information of locations and water depth, if available.

In addition, the rainfall is also severe on 9th Oct 2023 rainstorm, could you please aslo list the record of those flooding reports on 9th Oct 2023, including information of locations and water depth, if available.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Lo

Drainage Services Department

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your application dated 13 October seeking access to
information relating to the record of flooding reports during the
rainstorms on 8 and 9 October 2023.

The requested information is as follows:

11 nos. of flooding reports were received during the rainstorm event from
8 to 10 October 2023 and the details are summarized below.

No.         Location
1         SHAU KEI WAN MAIN STREET EAST         筲箕灣東大街 62-74
2          CHAI WAN ROAD                                 柴灣道 233
3          CHEUNG TUNG ROAD                         翔東路
4          TAI TAM ROAD                                 大潭道 9
5          SAN SHAM ROAD                                 新深路
6          CASTLE PEAK ROAD - SAN TIN         青山公路-新田段
7          HAU CHEUNG STREET                         巧翔街 2
8         CHAP FUK ROAD                                集福路 2
9          HONG CHONG ROAD                         康莊道
10          HO CHUNG                                         蠔涌
11          LUNG CHEUNG ROAD                        龍翔道

If we can be of any assistance in the provision of other information in
the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

LU Jie, Jeff
Land Drainage Division
Drainage Services Department
Tel: 2300 1792