Records of consumer complaints of the last 20 years

This request has had an unusual response, and requires attention from the team.

Dear Consumer Council,

I wonder how many consumer complaints you have received each year from 1997-2017, classified by the type of groceries and services.

Especially note the records of infant milk powder and dairy products.

Yours faithfully,
Grace Li

Consumer Council

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Consumer Council

Dear Ms. Li,


Thank you for your email of 21 Sep 2017.


As regards your request for the information of complaint figures, please
note the procedure for the application to access to the information is as


1.      browse the Council’s website:

2.      at the bottom bar, please click “Code on Access to Information”
and go to the page “Code on Access to Information of Consumer Council”

3.      at the page of “Code on Access to Information of Consumer
Council”, the basic administrative framework for the provision of
information by the Council to members of public is set out

4.      at the end of the content, there is a form on “Application for
Access to Information” 

5.      please complete the form and fax it to the addressee stated


Kindly note that processing requests for information uses resources of the
Council and may therefore require payment for this kind of services.  Any
charges levied will reflect the cost of providing the information, and the
information will not be released until the requisite payment has been


Consumer Council

25 September 2017




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Guy Freeman left an annotation ()

The Consumer Council is basically suggesting that they'll only accept a faxed copy of the request form. This is outrageous; not only is it against common sense and good administration, but it doesn't even follow the very code they link to, because Section 3.2.3 of states "Written requests may be made by letter or by the application form (Annex II), and should be addressed to SCO of CC." Therefore a letter delivered electronically as email should be sufficient. If they continue to deny your request, a complaint should be made to the Ombudsman.