Technical Diagram for MTR Adtranz–CAF EMU train

Ryan Lin made this Freedom of Information request to Highways Department

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Highways Department did not have the information requested.

Dear Highways Department,
I would like to request a detailed diagram of the MTR Adtranz–CAF EMU train running on the Tung Chung Line. The diagram should include the front, top and the side of the train and also the interior details. All of them should be in scale and with dimensions. Thanks

Yours faithfully,

Highways Department

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Dear Ryan,

Thank you for your application received by this department on 28 August
2023 seeking access to information about "Technical Diagram of MTR
Adtranz-CAF EMU train” .

The MTR Adtranz-CAF EMU train is owned by MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL).
Highways Department does not have the requested information. You may
approach MTRCL via MTR Hotline: 2881 8888 for enquiries.

Thank you.

CHAN Yun-yee, Irene
SE/NM(2), Railway Development Office
Highways Department

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