Training for immigration officers and CAT Scheme duty lawyers

Scott Edmunds made this Freedom of Information request to Immigration Department

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The request was successful.

Dear Immigration Department,

Can I get some information about the training given to both immigration officers and CAT Scheme duty lawyers dealing with non-refoulement claimants. Specifically:

What training do immigration officers receive before interviewing non-refoulement claimants and assessing claims? Do officers periodically receive supplementary training? If so, what type of training, and how often do they receive it?

What training do CAT Scheme duty lawyers receive before representing non-refoulement claimants? Is supplemental training periodically required? How many trainings--and of what kind--have been offered to Cat Scheme duty lawyers since 2009 (or as far back as you have the data)?

Yours faithfully,

Scott Edmunds

Immigration Department

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Dear Mr Edmunds,


Thank you for your enquiry dated 4 June 2017.


Please refer to part (2) of the attached SFCQ No. 2850 on training to
Immigration Department. 



Regarding the training of lawyers, it is handled by the legal professional


Best Regards,


Beatrice Yiu

for Director of Immigration

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