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Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding to this news ( , Address Data Infrastructure would be made available to facilitate address searching by the fourth quarter 2021.

However I couldn’t locate the tool on the CSDI portal. May I know the website address of the Address Data Infrastructure and the target launch date if it is not available at the moment.

Yours faithfully,

Victor Lam


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Dear Mr. Lam,


Thank you for the enquiry.


Address Data Infrastructure (ADI) (GeoAddress), being one of the quick-win
projects (短期示範項目) for use within and/or outside Government, is a
standard and unique location identifier to facilitate interoperability of
address information.


Since January 2020, user can match address record with its corresponding
“GeoAddress” through Address Lookup Services
([1] To better
facilitate the data exchange between bureaux and departments, the ADI
(GeoAddress) is incorporated in the “Address Framework Spatial Data Theme”
(or Address FSDT) since mid-2022 for Government’s trial use (May 2022) as
well as public (June 2022) at Hong Kong GeoData Store (which is the CSDI
Portal alpha version and will be ceased operation later this year). For
your information, tool(s) facilitating the address searching has also been
developed for Government’s internal use, and will be reviewed to open for
wider use at suitable juncture.


Besides, the Address FSDT is also now available at the CSDI Portal
([2] since its launch on 29 December 2022.
Screen capture of CSDI Portal is attached for your easy reference please.


[3]cid:[email protected]



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