Carbon emissions over the past 15 years

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Dear Environmental Protection Department and Transport Department,

I am interested in gathering data regarding carbon emissions annually in Hong Kong in the past 15 years, and if possible further data on the correlation between electric/petrol vehicle usage and emissions, eg. % share of emissions from petrol vehicles annually?

Yours sincerely,
Aiden Tandiono


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Environmental Protection Department


Dear Mr. Aiden Tandiono,

Thank you for your email dated 14.08.2021.  Further to the auto-reply, we
would like to inform you that we are processing your request and may need
a few more days to come back to you.

Jason Lai
Environmental Protection Department



Dear Mr. Aiden Tandiono,

        Our department has received your application for access to
information on 14 August 2021.  Your application is now under processing.
 According to paragraph 1.16 of the Code on Access to Information, our
department will inform you of the latest progress of the case separately
on or before 3 September 2021.  In the meantime, please contact me at 3521
1780 if you have any enquiry. Thanks.

Best regards,
        Agnes Wong
        Environmental Protection Department