COI register for Hong Kong hospitals

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Dear Department of Health,

In the UK Hospital trusts keep a register of payments from pharmaceutical companies (and other relevant companies) to staff, in case of conflicts of interest (COIs). In the US, these disclosures are managed on a national level by the federal government, and this data is available through the publicly searchable Open Payments website. I would like to know if Hong Kong has a similar COI register, and if so I would like to access it under the code on access to information.

If Hong Kong does have a gifts and hospitality/COI register I would hope it includes details of all relevant payments to staff and any related potential conflicts of interest. Getting this data for the financial year 2015/16 would be sufficient for my needs. If it would be possible to have this information in an appropriate structured data format - for example, a CSV file - this would be helpful. If Hong Kong does not have a register, I would request: the release of the information on this topic that you or your funded hospitals do hold; and an explanation of why Hong Kong does not hold a complete register.

I am also requesting the number of hospital staff members who have been the subject of internal investigations or disciplinary proceedings in relation to purported conflicts of interest, or the failure to declare them, and the outcomes of these investigations or proceedings.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Edmunds, PhD

Dear Mr Edmunds,

        Thank you for your email of 28 March 2018.

        As all public hospitals in Hong Kong are managed by the Hospital
Authority by virtue of Hospital Authority Ordinance (Chapter 113), the
Department of Health did not have any Conflicts of Interest register for
hospitals in Hong Kong.  

You may wish to contact the Hospital Authority for information of public
hospitals and its staff in Hong Kong.  For details, please refer to the
following link:


Ms Sheree FU
for Director of Health

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I've asked the same question to the Hospital Authority and the response should be accessible/archived via the following link: