Data on reasons of detention at CIC

Surabhi Chopra根據公開資料要求入境事務處披露資料

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Dear Immigration Department,

I am writing to make a data access request regarding reasons of detention at Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre. May I know,

A) Whether data on reasons of detention is maintained (ex. As a category under total admissions, end of year population, etc)

B) If yes, I) what type of data is maintained and II) since when this data was maintained

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Surabhi Chopra


Our Reference: L/M (7) in ImmD CIC/6-5/10 (R) Pt.3

Dear Surabhi Chopra,

Our department has received your application for access to information on
20.12.2021. Your application is now under processing. According to
paragraph 1.16 of the Code on Access to Information, our department will
inform you of the latest progress of the case separately on or before

If you have any enquiry, please contact the undersigned via this email.

Best Regards,

for Director of Immigration


Our Reference: L/M (7) in ImmD CIC/6-5/10 (R) Pt.3

Dear Surabhi Chopra,
I refer to your request for access to information on 20 December 2021 and
our interim reply to you on 29 December 2021.  I hereby provide you the
following information.

Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre (“CIC”) is an immigration detention
facility for detaining immigration offenders (18 years old or above) who
are awaiting repatriation/removal/deportation/final determination of their
non-refoulement claims in accordance with the Immigration Ordinance.

Pursuant to the prevailing detention policy by the HKSAR Government, in
determining whether a person should be released or detained, the Secretary
for Security / Director of Immigration will take into consideration all
the relevant facts and circumstances of the particular case, including:
(i) whether the person's removal is going to be possible within a
reasonable time; (ii) whether the person concerned has committed a serious
crime or poses, or is likely to pose, a threat or security risk to the
community if not being detained; (iii) whether there is any risk of that
person's absconding and / or (re)offending; (iv) whether that person's
identity is resolved or satisfied to be genuine; (v) whether that person
has close connection or fixed abode in Hong Kong; and (vi) whether there
are other circumstances in favour of release. The mere presence of a
particular factor does not automatically lead to detention or release. The
factors will be considered in the context of all the circumstances of the
case. Each case is to be considered on its own facts and merits and
detention will be kept under regular review and will be reviewed when
there is a material change of circumstances.

The Immigration Department does not maintain the requested statistics of
reasons of detention at the CIC.

I hope the information is useful to you.

Best Regards,

for Director of Immigration