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Dear Census and Statistics Department,
I am requesting gis shapefile data for census gis data. I am looking for shapefile polygon data for the following boundaries: district, district council, large street block group, large tertiary planning unit, major housing estates, new town, small street block groups, and small tertiary planning units. If there are any attributes, please include total population, and names in both Chinese and English where exist.

Thank you for your time and help,
Kind Regards,



Dear Justin,

I refer to your request for gis data made under the Code on Access to
Information on 22 March 2016 (see attached).  

Our reply is provided below.

The Hong Kong 2011 Population Census adopted various geographical
demarcations for data dissemination, including (a) District Council
districts (DC), (b) District Council Constituency Areas (DCCA), (c) Large
Tertiary Planning Unit Groups (LTPUGs), (d) Small Tertiary Planning Unit
Groups (STPUGs), (e) Large Street Block Groups (LSBGs), (f) Small Street
Block Groups (SSBGs) and (g) major housing estates.

Regarding (a) and (b) mentioned above, the “District Councils (DC)
/Constituency Areas system (CA)” is developed for district administration
and election purposes.  The DC boundaries and CA boundaries adopted in the
2011 Population Census were based on those used in the District Council
Election held in 2011.  If you would like to purchase the digital boundary
data of District Council districts or Constituency Areas, you may need to
approach the Registration and Electoral Office
([1] for approval before
asking the Lands Department
([2] to
specially prepare the data for you.   Please note that DCs in the New
Territories can also be divided into new towns and other areas.  The
delineation of the areas in the New Territories into new towns is adopted
from the boundaries developed by the Planning Department and the Civil
Engineering and Development Department for new town development purposes.

As for (c), (d), (e) and (f) above, the Tertiary Planning Unit / Street
Block (TPU/SB) system” is devised and used by the Planning Department for
town planning purpose.  “TPUs”/”SBs” vary in size (in terms of the number
of residents).  In order to safeguard the confidentiality of data relating
to individual persons and households and for precision reason, adjacent
“TPUs” are grouped into TPU groups (viz. LTPUG and STPUG) and “SBs” are
grouped into SB groups (viz. LSBG and SSBG) by this department for data
dissemination.  The coverage of TPU/SBs within LSBGs or SSBGs can be
identified through their group names, e.g. LSBG "111/01-02 & 111/37-38"
comprises four TPU/SBs, namely "111/01","111/02","111/37" and "111/38".
 If you would like to purchase the digital boundary data of Tertiary
Planning Units, Street Blocks and New Towns of Hong Kong, you may contact
the Planning Department direct
([3]  The order
form and related information can be found at

As for (g) above,major housing estate refers to a group of residential
buildings developed by the same developer (either in public sector or in
the private sector) in one or more phases in a neighbourhood and with at
least 3 000 residents or 1 000 domestic households in 2011, instead of a
specific area.  As a result, the boundaries of major housing estate are
not available for provision.

For details of the geographical demarcation systems adopted, please refer
to Chapter 8 (page 133) of the publication "2011 Population Census Main
Report Volume II"

Besides, the table of population by each of the geographical demarcations
mentioned above is attached for your reference.  The table can be also
obtained by "Build Your Census Tables" through the Interactive Data
Dissemination Service on the 2011 Population Census Website

Should you have any questions about population census / by-census, please
feel free to contact Demographic Statistics Section (2) (Enquiry service:
(852) 3903 6944; Facsimile: (852) 2716 0231; E-mail:
[email address]) of this department direct.

With best regards,

Patrick LAM
Census and Statistics Department


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