Guidelines on laundry arrangements at MTKDC

Gigi Lo根據公開資料要求入境事務處披露資料

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Dear Immigration Department,

I am writing to make an information access request regarding the relevant procedures regarding laundry and clean clothing available to immigration detainees at Ma Tau Kok Detention Centre (MTKDC). May I know,

1. Are there arrangements for laundry for immigration detainees at CIC?

2. If so, how often are laundry services provided?

3. What laundry-related tools and products are provided to detainees? For example, laundry detergent and racks for drying clothes.

4. If there are relevant guidelines / procedures for the circumstances specified above, may I receive a copy of the relevant documents?

Thanks very much for your help on this matter. I look forward to your response.

Gigi Lo


Our Reference: L/M (582) in ImmD DR/6-5/10/R

Dear Gigi LO,
Our department has received your application for access to information on
28.10.2022.  Your application is now under processing.  According to
paragraph 1.16 of the Code on Access to Information, our department will
inform you of the latest progress of the case separately on or before
17.11.2022. In the meantime, please contact the undersigned via this email
if you have any enquiry.

Best regards,

CHAN Tsz-ho
for Director of Immigration


Our Reference: L/M (582) in ImmD DR/6-5/10/R

Dear Gigi Lo,
I refer to your request for access to information on 28.10.2022 and our
interim reply to you on the 04.11.2022.  I hereby provide you the
following information.

Re. Q1, it is supposed that you are asking the laundry arrangements at the
Ma Tau Kok Detention Centre (“MTKDC”).

MTKDC is an immigration facility for short-term detention of immigration
offenders pending inquiry, prosecution, court hearing or transfer to other
detention facilities.  In view of the nature of MTKDC, no laundry services
had been arranged for the detainee at MTKDC.  For the purpose of personal
hygiene and keeping warm, detainees will upon their request(s) be issued
with clothing items (e.g. pants, t-shirts and underwear).  The issued
clothing items will be washed by outsourced laundry service provider upon
return.  The time for laundry is scheduled by the Centre.

I hope the information is useful to you.

Best regards,

CHAN, Tsz-ho
for Director of Immigration