Hong Kong Habitat Classifcation GIS Data

Brett Morgan根據公開資料要求環境局披露資料

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Dear Environment Bureau,

I'm requesting data from the "2008 Update of Terrestrial Habitat Mapping and Ranking Based on Conservation Value." This was a report commissioned by the Sustainable Development Division of the HKSARG, and completed by Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a consulting firm.

The report is referenced at the bottom of this page:

I would like the raw GIS (vector or raster) files on the habitat classifications in Hong Kong. Any other relevant GIS data products, as well as the full report would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,
Brett Morgan

Thank you for your email dated 2018/06/12. We shall process it, where
appropriate, as soon as possible. For further enquiry, please address to
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Environmental Protection Department

Dear Mr Morgan,

Thank you for your email dated 12.06.2018. We would like to inform you
that we are processing your request and may need a few more days to come
back to you.

Jason Lai
Environmental Protection Department


Dear Brett,

Thank you for your email.

Please note that a study "2008 Update of Terrestrial Habitat Mapping and
Ranking Based on Conservation Value" was commissioned by this office in
2008 and a report was compiled.  The habitat map compiled in this report
involved using aerial photos of Lands Department with ground truthing at
some of the sites conducted by our consultant to verify the habitats as
shown on the aerial photos.  The aerial photos could be purchased from
Lands Department.  With regard to your request for the full report,
 please find below a soft copy of the report:

Regarding the GIS data that we hold, they are solely in relation to
locations of ground truthing for verification of habitats observed in
aerial photos, i.e. dots on a map of Hong Kong.  This data set is
available for sale and the sale price is around HK$ 1,600.  Please find
below a map of survey sites with ground truthing locations in pdf format.
 The digital data pertinent to the survey sites readable by a GIS
programme and compiled by ArcView (Version 8) are shown in this map.

If you consider the GIS data be required, please contact me for
arrangement of purchase.


Tony Chan
Forestry Officer (Sustainable Development)
Sustainable Development Division
Environment Bureau
Tel: 3150 8191