Identification of child obesity cases through Family Health Services

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Dear Department of Health,
As a teacher at the Baptist University I am working with a group of students to investigate issues related to child obesity and reducing sugar in diet and drinks. As child obesity is a major health concern for our city, the government has launched various programmes to help reduce sugar intake among children. Here are my questions for the department to answer under the Code on Access to Information

1. What is the occurence rate of obesity among schoolchildren in HK? Please provide the yearly figures for the past 10 years (if available). Please also indicate the methodology for obtaining the data.

2. Does the department collect data on the weight and BMI of individual children in Hong Kong, through Family Health Services? If so, please provide details about how data is collected and analysed. If not, please explain why such data is not collected.

3. In what ways does the department provide information about the need to reduce sugar intake to the individual parents? For example, does the nurse/doctor discuss this issue with the parent through Health and Developmental Surveillance

4. How many children have been served through Health and Developmental Surveillance in 2020? Does the programme cover all the eligible children?

4. Does the department have a list of children that are at the risk of suffering from obesity or developing such conditions?

5. To what extent is it feasible to calculate and track the obesity rates of individual schools/kindergartens? For example, does the department have the info about which schools the children served in Health and Developmental Surveillance are from?

Thanks in advance for your help

Yours faithfully,
Simon Wang

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