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Allyson van de Pol根據公開資料要求衞生署披露資料

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Dear Department of Health,

Given the recent recommendations concerning Covid 19, titled "Summary of Guidance for Minimising the Impact of Covid 19"

They now recommend that:

-vaccinated and non vaccinated individuals should be treated the same
-general mask wearing is not necessary
-testing and quarantine of asymptomatic persons is not necessary

When will these recommendations be implemented in Hong Kong?

Yours faithfully,

Allyson van de Pol

Dear enquirer,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are processing your enquiry and will reply as soon as possible.

Department of Health


Dear Allyson van de Pol,
Our department received your request for information under the Code on
Access to Information ("Code") on 15 August 2022.  Please find our reply

Department of Health does not possess the requested information.  Hence,
there is no available information to be provided.  According to paragraph
1.14 of the Code, the Code does not oblige Departments to acquire
information not in their possession.

For enquiries, please contact the undersigned at 3107 2599.
(Miss Cheyenne LEE)
for Director of Health