Refugee crime statistics for Kwai Tsing District

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Hong Kong Police Force Kwai Tsing District,

Can you please provide data on arrest statistics of refugees (non-refoulement claimants). Specifically I would like the most complete yearly statistics of refugee arrests from your district for every full year you have data going back to 2005, plus total arrest statistics from your district to put this information into context. If you have a breakdown of prosecution and conviction rates that would be useful too. And a breakdown on what the crimes were for - how many of the refugee arrests were for immigration related offences, how many employment offences, and how many for violent crimes.

On top of total numbers, if you have the nationalities of the refugees arrested that information would be useful as well. I’m happy to take digital files if that’s easier, but please don’t send this information in tabular form in the email as I can’t view it. Attaching a PDF, or emailing other files to me (I can provide an email address) would work best in this case.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Edmunds

香港警務處 葵青區


Dear Mr. Edmunds

Kwai Tsing District started to keep the arrest statistic of refugee this
year, thus only figures of 2016 could be provide. For details, please find
the attached document.

(See attached file: Refugee Arrest in 2016.doc)

Best Regards,

(YIM Wan-ha, Wanessa) WDIP
Tel: 3661 2942
Fax: 2428 6191

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Basten KUM
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