Shapefile for 2011 District Council Constituency Areas.

Mario Gutierrez-Roig根據公開資料要求地政總署披露資料

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Mario Gutierrez-Roig

Dear Lands Department,

I am doing some research for University of Warwick (UK) using the census data of 2011. I need to perform a geospatial analysis so I have to use the corresponding shapefiles. I would like to request those shapefiles for 2011 District Council Constituency Areas.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Mario Gutierrez-Roig


Our File Reference:        (28) in LD-SMO-LIC/6-5/1

Dear Dr. Mario Gutierrez-Roig,

        Thank you for your application dated 6 April 2017 seeking access
to information related to District Council Constituency Areas (DCCA) of
Hong Kong.

2.        Please be informed that the boundary of DCCA is owned by the
Registration and Electoral Office (REO).  Should you wish to obtain the
said boundary in digital form, you may like to contact REO direct.  The
contact details of REO is as follows:-

        Mr. Keith CHAN, Electoral Officer
        Tel: 2824-0478
        Fax: 2511-1682
        Email: [email address]

3.        If you need any further information or assistance, please feel
free to contact me at 2231-3219.

Best regards,
Tammy HO
LS/LIC(7), LandsD
(Tel: 2231-3219)