Use of Remdesivir in Hospitals

Allyson van de Pol根據公開資料要求醫院管理局披露資料

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Dear Hospital Authority,

Can you please advise the following:

-Number of patients that have been prescribed Remdesivir from 2015 -2022
(to date)
-The condition/ disease the patient was suffering from
-The outcome of the disease ie recovered or died

Many thanks

Yours faithfully,

Allyson van de Pol
Yours faithfully,

Allyson van de Pol

Enquiry (Hospital Authority), 醫院管理局

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Enquiry (Hospital Authority), 醫院管理局


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Dear Mrs Van de Pol,


Thank you for your Application to Access to Information dated 22 February


Please find in the attachment a copy of the Hospital Authority (HA) Head
Office’s reply dated 10 January 2022 to your previous request for items on
the same subject. The HA Head Office has nothing to supplement regarding
the previous reply.


If you have any questions about this reply, please do not hesitate to
contact me.



Yours sincerely,

Sandy Chu(Miss)

Access to Information Officer

Hospital Authority Head Office

(Tel.: 2300 6568/2300 6555)