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Data on lengths of stay at TMCJH
Response by Social Welfare Department to H. Y. Fung on .

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Dear H. Y. Fung, Code on Access to Information Application No. 8/2022 Thank you for your email dated 16 May 2022. Please be advised that our Depart...
Dear Mr/Ms Surabhi Chopra, Code on Access to Information - Application No. 90/2021 I refer to your email of 26 October 2021. Social Welfare Departme...
Response by Social Welfare Department to Mindy ZHAO on .

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Mindy ZHAO:   《公開資料守則》 申請編號第22/2019號   你於2019年4月11日提出的索取資料要求,查詢近五年有關政府對患有自閉症及/或有 特殊教育需要的人士及/或家庭的相關資料,包括每年用於補助/幫助上述家庭的資金 總額和具體用途、申請相關資助的家庭數目...

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